We are the Experiential Technologies Center, a research group that combines humanistic inquiry with cutting-edge technology.

The ETC is at the forefront of scholarly modeling of comprehensive environments for experiential historical architectural research.


RomeLab is a multi-disciplinary research group whose work uses the physical and virtual city of Rome as a point of departure to study the interrelationship between historical phenomena and the spaces and places of the ancient city.

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Nysa: Armature as Operating System

In the early twenty-first century scholars now have the technologies as well as the mindset to explore the Roman urban armature as a tool that is applied to, rather than derived from, ancient remains. To test the efficacy of the approach, this study will examine Nysa in Caria, Turkey . The city is an ideal case study for the proposed investigation as the scant traces of the urban plan and monuments as well as the dramatic topography forestall attempts to define a potent pathway.

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Augustan Rome

The first Roman Emperor, Augustus, allegedly claimed to have transformed Rome from brick to marble. Explorations of this statement have previously examined literary sources, archaeological evidence, and two-dimensional maps. A team from UCLA is reverse engineering the ancient capital using an integrated software platform for procedural modeling to evaluate the boast in four-dimensions.

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